Cristel Brito

Vital Solutions, LLC – A leading producer of cleaning products helping safeguard homes and businesses from COVID-19 and beyond. Their most recent superstar VitalOxide is a CDC, FDA, EPA, hospital-grade disinfectant helping the fight against harmful viruses, bacteria, microbes, and allergens. A company creating powerful yet ecologically sensitive products without volatile organic compounds. –  A pioneer within the world of CBD, The Hemp Depo offers quality, effective full-spectrum CBD tinctures, creams, and gels. 

MyMD2Me – When sick and away from home and your local doctor, MYMD2Me offers personalized medical concierge services via phone, tablet, or computer and in the comfort of your hotel room. 

HempPlusMore – A great place to discover the benefits of our friendly cannabinoid CBD and where you can discover a variety of CBD products -from pain cream and soap bombs to doggie treats. 

Altogether Lovely – Local to the Tampa Bay Area this medical weight loss spa offers the latest in weight management and non-invasive aesthetic treatments for your fountain of health and youth needs.