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Vitaloxide – Highly approved and rated by many including the CDC, FDA, and EPA, this hospital-grade disinfectant is saving lives and businesses across the county.  You too can see how effective, safe, non-toxic, and easy this product can be for both home and business use. Currently assisting nursing homes, schools, food stores, and restaurants among the many businesses reopening soon. If you are among any business open to doing business as usual again, let me help introduce you to Vitaloxide for a safe and effective solution for you. 

MYMD2ME – Medical Concierge Services (place a picture of her logo next to the name for branding) – At times of crises when away or stuck at home during a crisis, MYMD2ME is who you want to call. Simply pull up their website from your laptop or cell phone and start your virtual visit. Be sure to take advantage of their “stay at home” flat rate today!

Absolute CBD – Full spectrum CBD products to include tinctures ranging from 500mg to 3000mg to creams and gels to cover a large range of conditions you may be trying to address naturally with cannabinoids. Simply use Code Cristel10 for 10% off your order when you visit their website at www.thehempdepot.org

HempPlusmore – Shopping CBD doesn’t stop at tinctures and creams. Go shopping at HempPlusmore for bath bombs, doggie treats, and more options of CBD infused products. Simply use code Cristel10 to receive 10% off your order when you visit their website.